Consent Form

This document is designed to inform you of the protections and risks associated with video counselling and to seek your informed consent to participate using this platform.

All Skype, Zoom,, voice, video and file transfers are encrypted, using 256-bit encryption.  This protects users from potential eavesdropping by malicious users and helps to protect sensitive information. There are known security vulnerabilities with this platform, but no more so than any internet ready application.  Whilst highly unlikely, the primary risks associated with providing counselling over a public platform are:

1. The ability to locate the parties to the conversation, which means someone could locate your position by knowing your IP address.  This risk is considered low, however a way of changing your IP address is to make sure you reboot your modem. This should pick up another IP address from your ISP’s pool.

2. Someone may “hack” or overhear and record the conversation.  This means your computer has possibly been compromised by one of the many viruses enabling hackers to detect what a user is doing, a form of remote connection, and this information could be sent to a third party who is collecting your internet traffic.  This is more likely due to the user’s computer being compromised rather than an issue with Skype, Zoom or  Using an up to date anti-virus program will help to prevent this.

3. Some or all traffic between the two parties could be transmitted overseas as many internet servers are located internationally.  This is considered low risk as the metadata is kept like any other internet connection.  Information collected is date, location, time but not the conversation itself.

As stated above, the risks associated with using this platform is minimal, however I strongly recommend clients use up to date versions of Windows, Skype or Zoom and ensure your anti-virus software is also current.  More information on security of the programs I utilise is available at their respective websites by clicking on the links.

In consenting to receive my services via Skype, Zoom or you acknowledge these risks and consent to proceed with counselling on this basis.

Location Bowral, Southern Highlands Phone 0412988799 Hours Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm : Saturdays & Sundays closed : Flexible arrangements can be made for phone and Skype sessions.
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