Covid 19 – Self Care

Many people are experiencing emotions they might find unsettling. Fear, anxiety, frustration and many other emotions are more prevalent when we are asked to make changes to the way we normally live. People may be faced with significant concerns at this time; financial concerns in relation to job losses as well as the overwhelming uncertainty in relation to their future. Being in self-isolation for many families can be an opportunity for connection, summoning up our creative side can creating a space for connection and reduce boredom.

For some families these times may increase stress, being confined to a home already experiencing overwhelming levels of stress may create a space where conflict increases. Please reach out if you have concerns about your safety or the safety of others. The earlier the people reach out and are provided with support, the better the outcome.

It is important to access good quality information and support, Beyond Blue has information regarding looking after your mental health as well as services where you are able to access up to date and relevant information pertaining to COVID 19.

If you would like to speak to a mental health professional you can search online for “counselling” information in your area, or alternately discuss your concerns with your GP who can arrange for a referral to a local provider. Most mental health professionals are providing services not only face to face but also via video and phone.

Tips for coping with coronavirus anxiety:

Maintaining your mental health during social isolation:

Coronavirus (COVID 19) and Anxiety, staying mentally healthy for older adults:

Please take care – provide some structure to your day including if possible time in the sun and fresh air, time with family or for those isolated and alone – a phone call to a friend or family member. Be safe and reach out if you are struggling.

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